For more than a decade now, REI has consistently supplied Malaysia’s energy board, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, with lattice towers for the national power grid network. REI has maintained a leading edge in transmission line technology, domestically and internationally, through firm collaboration with international partners from Australia, India and Croatia.

REI has the capability to produce towers to virtually any standard in the world. It has the capacity to achieve a production rate of 35-40,000 metric tons per annum, delivering on schedule, high quality made-to-order towers for the Power Industry.

Parallel to this is REI’s capabilities as one of the leading steel structure manufacturers for substations in Malaysia. REI evaluates, designs, manufactures and supplies steel structures ranging from 11kV to 500kV.

With the largest LVD machine in Malaysia, together with 12 other units of CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines specifically designated to precision-demanding processes in the production line, and Automatic Longitudinal Submerged Arc Pole Welding Machine,has ensured timely deliveries of orders to satisfied customers in over 70 projects across the globe.